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Imagine having accurate and timely financial data you can understand and use to strategically plan for the future of your business!

Sure, I have many of the same tools the others do and sure I’ll help you achieve your goals.

How am I different? Why choose me?

My coaching is not about my agenda; it is about YOU and every YOU is different. Therefore, every session is customized just for YOU and what’s going on in YOUR life. 

I have created many of my own tools including the blow-your-mind Live Life on YOUR TERMS where you honor YOU and take YOUR life back. I decide what tool is necessary depending on our conversations and where you are in your life.


CFO Toolbox

Accounting Services

All monthly accounting functions: reconciliations: bank, credit card, receivables, payables, payroll, etc.  

Tangible Tools for Growth

Goal setting for every stage, character strengths discovery, energy level exploration, life satisfaction, custom tools, and more!


Results-driven and rewarding action taken by you WEEKLY.

I give homework. If you don’t like homework; don’t worry, I will help you and I promise the homework will help you. Besides, my passion and purpose is to serve YOU.

We will map out attainable goals and outline these goals during our sessions. I will hold you accountable. I believe in you too much not to. I will not give up until you are living happier. Every week we will talk about your concerns, your wins, what steps you will take next and the appropriate work that is related to creating your success story RIGHT NOW.

My number one strength according to an accredited strengths test is social intelligence. I have this uncanny way of intuitively knowing YOU after one chat.

Not only will we eradicate those pesky inner voices that question your worth, you will find that every part in your life is significantly improved, and you can’t wait to talk to me again.

I have a wonderful sense of humor which means not only will you make crazy good leaps and bounds, you will have fun!

I am genuine and authentic and will not coach anyone I don’t feel I can authentically help.

I have lived. As a former CFO, I have lived through burnout in the workplace, severe anxiety and panic, and finally an "Ok ok I get it, I need to change my life", reality check.

I have accomplished so many things and am in the less than 1% who has a Doctoral degree in Business. I am a CPA. I am a Realtor. I have been married for 15 years. Whatever you’re going through, I understand.

Lastly, I care. I care more about you than will ever know, and I haven’t even met you yet. I care about helping everyone I can achieve their true potential and live life to the fullest, no matter how difficult that may sound right now.    

So, what are others saying about me?

"Thank you for your amazing personality and sense of humor."

"You made everything easier and fun!"

"You are a great person and role model for others."

"You are a true inspiration."

"You’re always smiling, positive, and bring an awesome energy."

"You have an amazing personality and so much joy bubbles out."

"You are an amazing person who shines no matter where you are."

"You have innate goodness."

"You are an angel in a human suit."

"You shine a bright light in any room."


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"Jen is a loving, heart-centered coach that acts as a beam of light in the darkness to help you find your way and express the absolute best version of yourself. She has a keen ability to guide you through the limitations you face in a way that feels safe and realistically do-able. She holds nothing back and is committed to supporting you to live your absolute best life. If you're looking for a coach that is strong yet loving, with a bubbly personality that will illuminate your life with every call and help you to take inspired action to bring your dreams into reality, Jen is your woman!! "

Amber Shannon
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