The Balanced-Life Collective

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“Your Opportunity to Live Each Part of Your Life  with Less Stress and More Fulfillment”

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The Balanced-Life Collective is for the everyday woman who is juggling all of the hustle-bustle aspects of life. 

You're accomplished in your career but perhaps you've put your family, health, and happiness (YOU!) on the back burner. Reclaim your needs, health, and happiness.. This program is for you.

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Should you join the Balanced-Life Collective?


  • You're a working-woman who has put her health, relationships, and perhaps happiness on the back burner.
  • You have been looking for guidance on all topics fulfillment, happiness and success
  • You want to learn how to
    • Work more productively
    • Talk to loved ones and help them understand your passion and goals
    • Multi-task better
    • Increase your productivity
    • Wake up in the morning and be excited for your day
    • Be the best person you can be to your family, friends, and loved ones
  • You want to overcome limiting beliefs 
  • You want to invest in yourself. Your happiness, your success, and the way you shape your future
  • You may have lack of support from friends and peers
  • You want to learn and grow with a SUPPORTIVE group of like minded individuals 


I want to give you a peek inside the world of fulfillment, happiness & success. I want to show you that all of your goals, hopes, and dreams are achievable, no matter how big or small. I want to provide support for you and help you learn and grow as an individual.


So for just $1 right now..

  • Get into the program for an entire month. This gets you access to 1 month of assessments, group calls, and webinars
  • If it's not for you, ask for your $1 back. 
  • Ask questions and participate and grow.
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Monthly Live Group Calls

Think of it as a group of like-minded people who you can share your story with, connect, and grow together. At the end of each monthly call, you'll have an opportunity to ask me anything to gain clarity on your life, which is something that isn't accessible outside of my 1:1 coaching programs. 

Monthly Workshops

Every month, we'll have a workshop on a topic that YOU get to choose. We'll talk everything health, happiness, and family, and relationships, grow as a group, and gain perspective from special guests. These workshops will do so much for your personal development. Can't make the scheduled webinar? You can attend on your own time from the comfort of your computer. 

Weekly Life Hacks & Assessments

I've created many worksheets, life hacks, and assessments to go along with the topics we discuss and to help you hold yourself accountable for your progress! Think of it as homework you look forward to and helps you in so many ways.

We'll Cover So Many Topics!

Topics that YOU get to choose. Including but not limited to..

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