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A World Without Walls

we are one May 13, 2019

It is common practice to support our own countries, our own races, our own beliefs...really, our own everything.

What if for one day, we didn’t have walls, real or invisible, between states, countries, and continents? Between races? Between beliefs?

What if for one day, we realized that together, we are one?

One group of humans working towards a common goal of using each of our unique gifts to come together as one to live our purpose.   

Why can’t we support all people, not just the ones that grew up in a similar geographic location as us? 

Why can’t we support all people, not just the ones who have the same skin color as us? 

Why can’t we support all people, not just the ones who have the same beliefs as us? 

Christina Aguilera says it beautifully in her song, Change…”we’re all the same when everybody’s breathing.”

Underneath where we are from, our exterior, and our beliefs, we are all breathing and of one race, the human race.

No matter what our exterior may show, our geographical boundaries may show, our beliefs may show, we are one. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could go one day realizing we are one, equal, and deserving of abundance? Wouldn’t it be amazing if all judgment leading to hatred, or hatred leading to judgment was forgotten?

We each have unique gifts we can contribute to the oneness of us. As soon as we can appreciate and embrace this concept, we can begin identifying our gift(s), and then use them to remove the walls that have been and are still being built all around us. 

I invite us all to notice our judgments of others. It’s human nature so don’t be hard on yourself. Simply notice any judgment or potential lack of support for another because of differences. Once we become aware of this judgment or lack of support, remember that we are a community of 7.7 billion humans that have the potential of coming together as one to make this world the best we can with our amazing gifts.

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Photo by Agence Producteurs Locaux Damien Kühn on Unsplash  

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