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Be Nice To People, We Are All Humans

Dec 26, 2019

I’ve learned that if I’m having a bad day, yes even I, bubbly and happy Jen, has bad days where I feel that it’s ok to take my feelings out on others. IT IS NOT OK TO HURT ANOTHER. Just because I say this in all caps does not mean I have never done it. It’s such an important life lesson for me, that I’d like to emphasize it.

We are all humans. We all have stories. None of us chooses to be in the path of another’s anger. Unfortunately, it happens. We are waiting in a long line and we blame the family of 17 in front of us or the employee working the line. We are in a hurry to work and we blame the slow drivers in the left lane. We do poorly at work, and we blame our coworkers and our boss. Do you notice a theme here? Blame, blame, and more blame.

I could give so many more and more serious examples but how about you insert yourself in here? Think of a time where you deflected your anger on another. Did you feel bad about it later? Hopefully so, but if not, that’s ok too. Also, I am not saying there is no one to blame when you are hurt by another. I’m saying it’s how we respond to this hurt that can either continue in the hurting another domino effect or can stop with you. It’s your decision and there is no right or wrong decision, only opportunities to learn.

My point is to simply be aware of how we treat others and remember that all others are human beings, just like you or I. We can learn other ways to deflect our anger that doesn’t harm anyone. We can learn to be nice by practicing. It is so freaking exhausting to walk around being angry. No one is out to get you. There is no one to blame, including yourself. There is so much we can offer one another as a community and as one group of humans, all breathing the same way.

I ask you to be nice to 3 people today, a stranger, a loved one, whoever you come across. Share your experience here or shoot me an email at [email protected].

Much Love,


Photo by Jens Johnsson on Unsplash

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