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From CFO to Life Coach - Say What?

Uncategorized Jun 11, 2018

You heard right. I worked my way up the career and education ladder and later determined there was something missing. I was judged by some for giving up what seemed to be a wonderful opportunity. A friend and coworker told me it’s not every day a woman in her thirties becomes a CFO and I should make sure when I move to Colorado, I pursue the same career. Others were impressed by my ability to follow my heart. Others just asked a bunch of questions.

Let me go back about 15 years so you have a little context.

I absolutely love learning. I received my Bachelor of Science in Accounting and graduated with the highest GPA in the class. I passed the CPA exam after the 1st attempt. That was not enough. I received my MBA. That still wasn’t enough. I received my Doctoral degree in Accounting.

I began my accounting career as a staff accountant. Over the years, through hard work and determination, I was promoted to senior accountant, manager, Controller, and now CFO.   

My aha moment happened a couple of years ago. I was so busy achieving and receiving external validation, I was not focused on me. I would move from one thing to the next as quickly as possible, head to the ground, not sitting in the present or recognizing my amazing achievements. I was getting stressed out and suffering from anxiety, but I didn’t know why. I thought I could handle anything but my body was telling me otherwise.

I began listening to my body and my intuition. I had some realizations. I am wonderful with people. I love helping others. I have many life experiences I can share with the world, yes, the world! I began asking how I could use these gifts to serve my life’s purpose.

Life coaching was the answer. Of course, I was not going to instantly call myself a life coach without proper training and education. From my past educational experiences, you can see this is how I roll. In everything I do, I try to remain as authentic as possible. I found a wonderful, intensive program accredited with the International Coach Federation (ICF). Not only did I have personal and professional life experiences, I now had proper training.

So here I am today. I am helping to cultivate happiness in others by providing life coaching services to others in the form of one-to-one and group sessions as well as sharing nuggets of wisdom through online videos and curriculums. My stress and anxiety has greatly reduced and I am happy!

What are your gifts how are you using them to serve your life’s purpose in a happy, healthy, peaceful and financially prosperous way? Life has so much to offer and you might as well spend your life living happy.        

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