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Goals and Dreams: The 6-Stage Thought Process

Uncategorized Sep 17, 2018

As expected, many of us go through stages in our life where our thoughts of our goals and dreams vary. These are the stages I went through and spoiler alert…the last and most recent stage is by far the best.

Everything is possible!

As children, we are so creative and curious and it’s beautiful. I loved to dance. I would choreograph routines for the girls in my classes and on the cheerleading squad. As I went through years and years of dancing, I decided I wanted to be a choreographer. I was going to be the next Janet Jackson or Paula Abdul. Ok, I know I’m dating myself here and I’m ok with that.  

What did you want to do as a child?

I should be more practical.

Here is where logic starts to set in and creativity goes out the window. Queue the sound of boring. This is where I was informed I would make no money and I should reconsider my dreams of being a choreographer. Guess what dreams and goals I had then. None, unless you count people pleasing when it’s not so pleasing.

Was there ever a time when your dreams and goals became a dimming light far off in the distance?

Forget about my dreams and goals.

Ok, so logic and societal standards, here we come. Someone asked me if I liked math. I did, so guess what?! I became an accountant, a CPA, a CFO and achieved my doctoral degree in accounting. Whoa, I took this one question and followed that response of yes to the nth degree.

How does your current life compare with what you wanted to do as a child?

Wait, what are my dreams and goals?

This is where severe stress and anxiety pulled the reigns on my sprint up the societal standards ladder. I had spent the past thirty some years thinking about everyone else, making others happy, and worrying about others that I had forgotten about me.

I mean, how is this possible? I am with me every second of every day and it took me more than 3 decades to think of myself.

Have you ever stopped thinking of you?

OMG, I have dreams and goals!

This was a complete rewiring of my mindset. A complete overhaul of the old way of thinking. I began to ask important questions. Why am I here? What am I meant to do? What makes me happy? Say what?!

You would think we all ask ourselves these questions but guess what? My experience with myself, my friends, and my clients, has been nope - we have no idea what dreams and goals are. Not only that, we almost have to dig back to elementary school when we learned the meaning of dreams and goals. Sometimes, we even think dreams and goals are some unknown paradigm of rainbows and unicorns that exists on another planet.

You have dreams and goals too, I promise.

Dreams and goals here I come!

Fast forward to present-day and I have answered the important questions. I have thanked my stress and anxiety for the blessings it has brought me. I have followed my heart and AM achieving my dreams and goals.

The bottom line is that dreams and goals are real and are unattainable should you make the choice to ask yourself the questions I asked myself.

Now is the time to stop in your tracks, reprogram your old mindset, and launch yourself in to the best version of you, the one that is living happier and is thriving in life.

I am on this journey as a Certified Professional Coach to help people struggling with burnout, achieving their goals and dreams, and finding work-life balance. Does this sound familiar? Yep, I am helping folks who are my former self and I couldn’t feel more authentically empowered then right now.

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