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How Long Are You Going To Let Life Pass You By?

Oct 30, 2018

So often I’ve seen clients and loved ones either:

  1. Never think about they want in life and once they do…
  2. Have no idea what they want in life and once they do…
  3. Have no clue of how to obtain what they want in life.

Do you see the pattern here? Let’s break this pattern right here and right now. Breaking a pattern requires just one step outside of the norm.

How long are you going to let life pass you by?

First, wake the ________ up! It is time we opened our eyes to all life has to offer. All of us are worthy of happiness and abundance but we must first be awake and willing to receive. I don’t mean being awake like a guru on a mountain, well that’s great too, but simply being awake and aware of our surroundings, our gifts, the amazing possibilities, and then moving forward with that hope, wonder, and search for whatever you want in life.

I have seen people stuck in life and have no clue that the box they have been putting themselves in daily is an illusion. It is this perception that living a robotic way of life – eating, working, and sleeping, repeat - is all there is to life. No, no, and no! This is not living and how would you know until you wake up and begin stepping outside of your comfort zone?

Now that you’re awake, yep that just happened, what do you want in life? I know this is a huge question and believe me take your time with it. In fact, keeping checking in with yourself because even when you know, that answer from the past will evolve and grow. This question is really the all-encompassing question to life if you think about it. Because once you know what you want in life, you can take steps to living the life you deserve.

If you’re having trouble searching for the answer to what you want, here are some tips to get you going.

  1. Be alone with your thoughts and without distraction.
  2. Take at least 15 minutes to reflect on the question.
  3. Write whatever comes to mind.
  4. Analyze any patterns.
  5. Get excited!!!

You have not only thought about what you want, you have some ideas of what you want in life. Amazing!

Now it’s time to take action. Decide what next step you will take today or tomorrow at the latest to help your dreams and goals become a reality. No excuses. There will never be the perfect time.

You are worth all the happiness you seek.

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Photo by Pedro Hartmann on Unsplash


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