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I Fell Off the Wagon and I'm Ok With It.

Dec 19, 2018

I fell off the wagon…yep again. It doesn’t matter what wagon, the drinking wagon, the exercising wagon, the eating healthy wagon. It doesn’t matter. For me, falling off this wagon was and is not a failure. It’s the message I needed to remind me how beautiful life is, that I am human, that this kick in the pants was what I needed to remember. To remember how I am supported and loved, how life has so much to offer, and how I want to treat myself, as the goddess that I am.

I am not going to think of the future wagons and the potential of falling off again. I am going to stay in the now. I am going to go through that uncomfortable phase of guilt and feeling ill, then the wonderful phase of my eyes opening to what is possible, and then the here and now. How I can use this misstep or purposeful step, to be present, to be me, to use my gifts, to enjoy life, and to live according to me.

What and where is this wagon anyway? The wagon represents perfection and we all know imperfections are the most beautiful part of being human. I am not perfect and whew what a relief. It’s exhausting to try and be perfect and so I won’t. I’ll instead try and learn from every moment. I’ll try and hear the messages my experiences are telling me. I’ll do what feels right, right now.

So, are you being hard on yourself for falling off the so-called wagon? You needed this to tell you how amazing you are, how to regain focus on what is important, and to gain a reality check. Take this as a gift. A gift just for you.

Ask yourself the questions and then take action. What makes you happy? Do it. I’ve been working on a book for a while now, 4 versions in. I dream of sitting by the bay window, writing in the natural sunlight and conveying an important message to others. I am no longer going to dream. In fact, from here on out I am dedicating 30 minutes per day to finishing this book. And guess what this book is about? Waking up. This wagon is just one example of so many events in our life asking us to wake up.

Fall off the wagon; feel the pain, get back up and jump up for there are so many opportunities ready for YOU.    

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