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I Give You Permission

Uncategorized Aug 20, 2018

For some reason, many of us, including myself, need permission from others to take action. I mean any kind of action: to buy that cool new bright and shiny object, to leave a job because you’re continuously unhappy and unmotivated, to leave an abusive relationship, to show yourself some love, or to be your true self, whatever that looks like. We feel like if we get permission, the action is somehow justified.

That’s fine but how about you start giving yourself permission? Think about what truly makes you happy and go for it. Why? Simple, because it makes you happy.

And if you still have trouble, what’s holding you back?

Is it that you feel guilty?

Your happiness is most important to you, not to anyone else, so you are the only one that is going to make it happen. Did you hear me? Yes, others can seem like they’re responsible for your happiness but even if this may seem true, its temporary. No one person is responsible for your happiness except you. Besides, that’s a lot of pressure to put on someone else.

Sure, someone can financially support you, but you know what I’m going to say. Money doesn’t buy happiness. It may seem so in the beginning, but if you are not truly being you, living fulfilled, and following your heart, you will not be the happiest you can be.

Is it that you’re comfortable?

Who cares about your happiness if everyone else is happy, the bills are getting paid, and the family is provided for? No, no, and no! Guess what? Not only is it a waste of time to go through this amazing journey called life not being happy, it’s not helpful to anyone around you.

Is it that you’re scared?

I know, no one wants to admit that they’re scared of anything. Well, I be the first to tell you I’ve been scared. Scared of not being worthy. Scared of failing. Scared of not being able to pay the bills. And lots of other things. See, that wasn’t so bad. Tell your loved ones what you want to do. Tell them you’re afraid. Everyone has been scared some time in their life. Then guess what? Step your tippy toe, you know the little one, in the unknown. Go for it. You will be amazed at how you feel.

So, happiness is not about being financially responsible or supported. It’s not about being comfortable. It’s not about making sure everyone else is taken care of first. There is a reason that they say in an airplane crash to save yourself first. If you’re not here, then you can’t help anyone. If you’re not happy, then you can’t help yourself.

If you’re still struggling with giving yourself permission, then stick out your little toe. I’ll put mine out there in the water with you and I give you permission.

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