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I Just Met the Most Amazing Woman in the World

Uncategorized Jul 16, 2018

I moved to Fort Collins, Colorado nearly a month ago. I’ve been spending time meeting new friends. I met a new friend, Jennifer Tracy, having no idea how much she would inspire me. She asked me what made me reach out to her. I had no idea what it was that made me message her on LinkedIn, but it was something. I had no idea the mountains of life she had climbed, fallen, and then climbed again.

Jennifer wrote this book, Inside the Mind of Suicide. I felt honored as she told me, a brand-new friend, her story. I stopped drinking my coffee, listened and became filled with love, empathy, and amazement at the life she had led thus far. 

After hearing about Jennifer’s thoughts of suicide and the loss of her husband and twin daughter to a drunk driver, I immediately wanted to give her a hug and tell her it would be ok. I wanted to tell her how brave she was.

I came to realize, however, that Jennifer knows she is brave. She knows everything will be ok. She knows. Jennifer is now using her story to speak to the masses. She told me something incredible. “If someone hands me a pile of shit, I grow flowers.”

When I left that coffee shop, I was in somewhat of a daze. I was still processing all the things I had heard. I realized that my story of severe anxiety and panic did not even compare to Jennifer’s story. I decided instead of writing this week’s article about a continuation of burnout in the workplace, to instead write about Jennifer Tracy.

Then, something shifted.

Yes, I know meeting Jennifer was inspiring and uplifting. I also know I met her for a reason, bought her book on the spot, and can’t wait to talk to her again.

But, you know what shifted?

It doesn’t matter how I compare to another. It doesn’t matter all the crap I’ve done I’m ashamed of. All of those parts of me, good or bad, are important though.

Jen, the scared and frightened child.

Jen, the overachiever and weekend binge drinker.

Jen, the anxiety ridden corporate executive.

Jen, the coach helping women just like me.

I need all those parts of me. I choose to bring all the versions of me along because they are all me, they are what has made me the exquisite woman I am.

I met the most amazing woman in the world today. I’ve known her for a very long time, a little over 40 years. Even though I have known her for a while, I didn’t really know her. My eyes are filling up as I’m writing this because the most amazing woman in the world, that I just met, is me.

Now how about you? When are you going to accept everything you have done, good or bad, and bring all the versions of you along for this ride of life? When are you going to be whole? When are you going to meet the most amazing woman in the world, you?

Send me an email today. I'd love to know. [email protected].   


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