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I See You. Do You?

Uncategorized Sep 11, 2018

I see you.

All the amazingness that is you. Your beautiful soul. Your need to be and do you. Your worthiness and right to live happier. Your ability to thrive in life.

There is nothing and I mean nothing that can get in your way of living to the fullest, experiencing all the wonders life has to offer, and doing what makes you happy. Make the choice right now to make a change and put you first.   

I see you.

The doors to a fulfilled life ready for you to open. Your gifts waiting to be unwrapped. Your bright light ready to shine.

Take the step and open the door. You will be amazed at what you see on the other side. Opportunities you didn’t know existed and abundance you didn’t know you deserved.    

I see you.

All the pain, guilt, and shame you have buried that is ready to be released. The misguided thoughts of unworthiness and failure. The yearning to love others before yourself.  

You have taken enough time learning from these feelings and you no longer need them. You are free. You are ready to know the truth that is you.  

I see you.  

Unsure of your passion and purpose. Seeking clarity. Wondering why you’re here.

The opportunity to discover your true happiness is with you. It is time you followed your heart. Say yes to you.

I see you.

Longing for knowledge. Searching for the manual to life. Wondering where you went wrong.

The knowledge you seek is within reach. Merely, extend your hand. Everything is on time and on purpose.

I see you.

Playing the comparison game. Relying on others for your happiness. Having trouble forgiving yourself.

You are perfect. You are ready to find happiness internally. Every experience is an opportunity for learning and growth.

I see you.

The remarkable, incredible, and exquisite you.

I can see you all day long but that doesn’t mean you see you. Open your eyes and really search within. Decide right now to see the beauty that is you.  

I see you. Do you?  

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Photo by 🐣 Luca Iaconelli 🦊 on Unsplash


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