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Let Your Spirituality Shine!

Nov 18, 2018

For the longest time I have been hiding my spirituality, thinking people will look at me like I have seven heads. I am fortunate as a former CFO, Doctor in Accounting, and CPA to have a highly logical and structured part of me. Alternatively, as a Certified Professional Coach, I am blessed to have an extremely empathetic and intuitive side. I have found that this balance of logic and intuition is rare for someone like me, you know, a self-proclaimed, heart-centered nerd. I am intelligent when it comes to numbers, can read others very quickly, and often absorb others’ energy.

I have found that I have brought the side of me that fits the occasion, but never both. I have decided once and for all that I will begin bringing all of me to everything I do. I will no longer bring logical Jen to corporate functions and empathetic Jen to coaching and spiritual events. And whew! This is such a relief. You see, I wasn’t being as authentic as possible, even though authenticity is one of my core values. I was afraid of what people would think and that they wouldn’t want to work with me if I had to much woo woo going on.

Don’t get me wrong, I am still developing my spiritual gifts. I know some of them but am on the journey of finding more and incorporating them into all aspects of my life, including my work. This feels amazing…showing up as all of me. And you know what? Two things really. First, I will attract my ideal client, so it is fine that some will not resonate with my spiritual practices of meditation, affirmations, and believing in my spiritual team. Second, I know for a fact, there are corporate women out there who are hiding their spirituality due to societal stigma, are wanting to develop their spiritual gifts, or just want something bigger than them. This means by me bringing all of me to the table, I can help even more people and my ideal people will come for help. Win and win!

If you’re in a space where you only bring out your spirituality where socially accepted, you want to grow spiritually, or learn how to incorporate your gifts into your everyday life, I am here for you.

Let your spirituality shine!  

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