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Live Life & Get Rid of the Crap

Uncategorized Oct 24, 2018

Can you imagine if most of your day was spent doing things that matter most to you? I can help. I created a tool that helps you live life by analyzing your daily tasks and cutting the crap. 

Because we are an all hands-on deck society, narrowing your daily responsibilities and tasks to what is important to you is key. This means achieving work-life balance personally and professionally.

  1. Evaluate what you have on your plate. You can do this by listing all your responsibilities, yes all of them.
  2. Next to each item list the following:





How much time does it take? Do you enjoy it? Is it required? I don’t mean do you require it. I mean more like is it required by law, like filing your taxes for instance. Lastly, is it meaningful?

Think about it. If something takes forever, you hate it, it doesn’t have to be done, and it has no purpose, then why are you doing it? There are so many combinations to this exercise - how you evaluate the results and what you choose to do next.

This is called living life on your TERMs by evaluating your responsibilities or tasks and getting rid of the ones that no longer resonate with you.

I know this is a process, but it is worth it because you will open your eyes to all the plates you are spinning. You will be able to sort through the items that don’t make the TERMs cut and finally say no for once. Don’t worry, you can be respectful and tactful but honestly, you need to look out for yourself to be your best self to others.

This is an example of what your Living Life on Your TERMs table may look like.

Should you need assistance completing this table, learning to put yourself first, or saying no, I can help. Sign up here for a complimentary strategy session.   

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