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Stop Complaining and Take Action!

Nov 09, 2018

Stop complaining and take action!

Have I gotten your attention? Good.

I have been surrounded by people who want more out of their life but don’t do anything about it. I’m frustrated and angry. I know my life long curriculum is playing a huge role in reducing my judgment of others, but I am here in this place of frustration and it’s perfect. Enough about me. On to you.  

I see you, I see your potential and know if you only took a little teeny step, you would see what I see. You would get excited about the future and know that thriving in life is attainable.

Yes, it’s perfectly fine to complain for a little while. But, when it becomes for prolonged periods of time, you know, years for some, it’s time to reflect. See how much this way of thinking and behaving is really serving you.

It’s also okay to not be ready to make a change. However, if you’re not ready to make a change then don’t complain and be content in your current situation. I say this knowing well and good this is not serving you in the highest form. Believe me, I want to grab you and shake you into waking up and knowing what abundance awaits you but that won’t achieve anything. YOU must be ready before I can guide you.

If you’re not ready to really make a change, there is no fire under your ass, you’re not excited about your future, and you would like to remain status quo, then stop reading.

If you feel something brewing that is bigger than you, AWESOME!!! You’re ready to make a shift.

It’s quite possible you’d like to take action but are:

  • afraid or overwhelmed
  • not sure what action looks like
  • you are a person that doesn’t follow through…until now that is

It is normal to be overwhelmed and afraid of failure when it comes to making a significant shift in your life and stepping outside of your comfort zone.

  • Block off time. If I hear one more person say there isn’t enough time, I’m going to scream. You make time for what is most important to you. Go through everything on your plate and get rid of the crap that no longer serves you. I mean it.
  • Figure out what is holding you back from taking action. Most likely it is fear. What exactly is this fear? Take 15 minutes without distractions and write the obstacles and fears that are keeping you from doing you. Now, think about all the wonderful things that will happen as a result of taking action. This list will far outweigh your fears and worries.
  • Focus on the journey, not the outcome. So often we set goals thinking as soon as I achieve this or that, everything will be bliss. How about creating your own bliss right this moment? Enjoy the process, the highs and the lows. Stay in the present moment as often as possible. If you are so focused on the outcome, you will miss all the amazingness in between.
  • Get excited! Setting goals, thinking of your life and how amazing it can be, and what makes you happy is exciting! Get rid of those old patterns of thinking, start with a fresh new you and start now.
  • Give yourself a mental break. This may sound counterintuitive to taking action, but you need to always give yourself time to recharge otherwise the results will reflect less quality. Make sure you get 7-8 hours of sleep. Meditate for at least 15 minutes a day. Meditation helps you to spend less time thinking and more time doing when taking action.
  • Hold yourself accountable. Yes, coaches like myself and friends are great, and we can hold you accountable but only you can choose and go through with taking action. This is where follow-through is very important even if it’s baby steps and simply not giving up or giving up hope. There will be tough times and that’s ok. Those tough times are happening for a reason. Step back, reflect on what you can learn, and move forward, continuing to take action. It is also important to know that you answer to yourself and to no one else. External validation is nice but internally validating yourself is the most rewarding feeling of all. My nutrition/exercise coach once asked me why I decided my goals weren’t important. It was a great question because I did not consciously think about my goals being unimportant. However, every time I fall off the wagon with my health curriculum, that is just what I’m telling myself. So, if you do take a step back, brush yourself off, realize how important your goals are to you, and move forward.
  • In addition to telling others, pull in the people that can help you achieve your goals and dreams. Remember that you don’t have to carry everything on your shoulders especially if there is someone you know that is skilled in a certain area that would be a great resource to you.  
  • Make a short to-do-list. By only putting the top 3 things to be accomplished, you won’t feel overwhelmed and will be more likely to accomplish them. Start with the easiest item on the list and beginning the harder items will be much easier.
  • Realize that the journey of life is not about perfection. I used to be the all or nothing girl. Once I had messed up, that was it. Back to eating whatever I wanted and not exercising as just one example. Hold yourself to standards that are reasonable, slightly uncomfortable, and yet exciting. Realizing that perfection is not the goal will make things seem much easier and less daunting.
  • Setting goals in the future are great but begin by setting a goal you can achieve today. Ask yourself what you can do right now. Your first response may be I don’t know. Sorry, not sorry, this isn’t good enough. Keep at it, keep thinking, until something comes up and believe me something always comes up.
  • Start by not predicting the future. You don’t have psychic powers, do you? If you do, awesome. If not, stop pretending you know what taking action will look like based on history and behaviors. Remember this is a new you and you’re about to rewire and reprogram that old way of thinking.
  • Tell others your plans, put it out in the universe, and use these people as your accountability partners. Once you’ve communicated your goals and dreams, it is out there! Bam! It’s so much harder to achieve goals if you’re the only one that knows about them. Alternatively, if you tell someone that becomes a naysayer, DO NOT let this veer you off track. If you know something is right in your heart and you are excited about it, then keep moving.
  • Trust your gut. Yes, you have intuitive hits or thoughts that you may not be aware of quite yet. When something feels right in your gut and your heart, you know it. Don’t ask questions. Don’t try to push the thought away with so-called logic, paralysis analysis, and justification. Act on your hunch and do. Once you begin trusting your internal compass, you will begin going with the flow more often and more easily.
  • Visualize your goals already happening and being achieved. This process is amazing and gives you the confidence you need to know you can do it as well as the motivation and excitement to move forward. Once you begin moving forward, you will become unstoppable, be more confident in yourself, and will more easily step outside of your comfort zone. Have your goals start with how you will accomplish them, not if you will accomplish them. If can be perceived as having a way out or that something will magically happen if you do something.
  • Keep taking action. Every day, some form of action towards your goals, no matter how small.

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