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The BIG What If?

Uncategorized Sep 24, 2018

We all have these inner pesky voices in our head feeding our doubts, choking our confidence, and convincing us their words are true.

Meet Fred. He’s my inner voice, my Gremlin, or whatever else you want to call him.

I love Fred and you know why? He’s here to protect me and he’s been with me for a very long time, decades. Fred is skeptical, persistent, and always wants to be in the limelight.

Fred is my “What if” Gremlin. You know, “What if I fail?”, “What if I’m not good enough?”, and so on and so on.

Now just because Fred is here to protect me doesn’t mean I still need him in the same way I did say when I was 5 years old.

Fred can remain but only if he is serving me in a way I need him now, as an adult. I know I no longer need him to question my worthiness or what will happen should I fail. Because guess what? I AM worthy. We all are. A so-called failure is simply an opportunity for learning and growth.

So, even there may be times where Fred (a little teeny sliver of me) may come through as old Fred, I must remind him of his new job until it becomes a habit. A habit takes approximately 18 days and it is quite therapeutic to face our shadows until they become our biggest supporter.

What is Fred’s new job? Every time I think “What if…?” Fred now rephrases that question to “So what if…?” I mean really so what if I learn and grow from a previous experience? This little teeny part of me is not true and I no longer need this granule of me to define me.

  • What is your Gremlin? Really take a moment every time you hear that inner voice to think about what it is telling you.
  • Give it a name. Don’t name it based on someone you know.
  • Be gentle with your Gremlin. He or she is here to protect you and most likely he or she has been with you for years. Remember that your Gremlin does not define you.
  • Give your Gremlin a new job. What is the opposite way you’d like to feel when you hear your Gremlin?
  • Continuously remind your Gremlin of his or her new job until the habit has formed (about 18 days).

Yes, we’re human and not all our thoughts will be fairy dusted clouds of inspiration and motivation. If we remember we are human, become aware of when something like our Gremlin is bringing us down and take this opportunity to do something about it, we will begin living happier, which is amazing!

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Photo by Shwa Hall on Unsplash


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