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Wake Up & Live Happy!

Feb 19, 2019

How often do you merely go through the motions of life - eating, working, sleeping, repeat? Have you ever thought about this before? I didn’t either until about five years ago. Yep, I lived three decades of my life as a robot.

I worked my way up the corporate ladder to becoming a CFO before the age of 40. I had my doctoral degree in accounting. I was happily married with two Cocker Spaniels.

Everything was perfect until…I was having anxiety, panic, and symptoms of stress. How can this be? I was well-liked, successful, and was living exactly as society had planned for me. Did you catch that? I was so busy living in accordance with societal standards; I forgot to live in alignment with Jen’s standards. Crazy, right?! Not so crazy. So many women I talk to push through and believe stress is normal. Yes, a little stress here and there is reasonable, but continuous stress is not ok.

Fast forward to when I finally woke up. I say finally in the sense that it took thirty some years but I also believe everything happens on time and on purpose. I also use the term woke up not like the meditative guru on the mountain (absolutely nothing wrong with this) but for me it was more about being aware of my surroundings, pondering my life’s purpose, and thinking about my happiness, whatever that looked like.

I began soul searching, personally developing, and making sure I was using my gifts to the fullest capacity. You see, although I was successful according to society, I wasn’t successful according to me, internally. I was an amazing leader and CFO but there was a piece missing that I needed to feel whole.

The piece or pieces, rather, included asking myself some deep questions.

  1. What are my gifts?
  2. How can I use my gifts to serve?
  3. What makes me happy?

These questions may seem short and simple but oh the responses are far from that. You see, it’s taken me years to determine what my gifts are and they are constantly evolving. I have been using my gifts to serve over the past few years and I adapt as I change. I am not the same person I was a year ago, a month ago, a week ago, or even an hour ago.    

Do you resonate with anything I’ve said? Have you ever been so stressed, you didn’t know what was happening? Have you ever wondered if you had a life purpose? Have you thought about what your gifts were? Lastly, but most importantly, have you asked yourself what makes you happy?

You deserve to do what matters most to you, live happier, and ultimately thrive in life. Start here and now. Do some soul searching and ask yourself these questions. You will be pleasantly surprised at what comes to the surface for you.  

I’d love to hear from you whether it’s for a free strategy session, you would like to become a part of our latest and greatest online program, Wake Up & Live Happy, or to just say hey!  

Talk soon,


Photo by JoelValve on Unsplash

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