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Your Title Does Not Define You

Uncategorized Oct 09, 2018

You may be confused by the title of this blog, pun intended. If you’re in a high-level position or a very successful entrepreneur, you may be questioning this title. If you are currently without a prestigious (according to society) title, you may be thinking woohoo!

Ok, let me get to the point already.

Think about a title or position you have or would love to have.

For example, before I became a Certified Professional Coach, I was a CFO. Yes, this sounds impressive. Yes, I was proud of my achievements. Yes, this background and experience is certainly helpful in my business. But, do these 3 letters define me? Absolutely not!

Furthermore, just because a leader is titled as such, does not mean he or she is indeed a leader.

I may be sounding direct right now and that is precisely my intention.

I am sick to my stomach thinking how society has pushed us into believing that our title, our profession, and our prestige is what determines who we are and how successful we are.

To have an impressive title, is amazing, don’t get me wrong, but there is so much more. There is meeting the standards of the title and being the best version of yourself in the workplace. There is being a true leader where you have empathy, collaborate with the team, and engage and appreciate the staff who spends most of their time at work.

There is also work-life balance to consider. No matter your title, put you first. Put your happiness first. There is always a way to enjoy what you’re doing. You may not believe me the first time so here it goes again. There is always a way to enjoy what you’re doing. It may not be an overnight change but shifting your mindset to believe what is truly attainable, is the first step.

The dictionary defines an occupation as 1. a job or profession and 2. a way of spending time.

How do you want your job or profession to look? Forget the title. Think about the action. How are you using your gifts to the fullest capacity? How are you waking up excited to go to work?

How do you want to spend your time? Especially when most of your time is spent working? And get this. Your occupation does not have to feel like work particularly if you’re following your passion or something that lights a fire under you.

So, the next time someone asks you what you do, tell them how you help people without mentioning your title. Your actions define you, not your title.

Begin thinking about your work and whether it feels like work. Think about what makes you happy and begin creating this happiness right now. Ponder your gifts and ask yourself if you are using them to the fullest capacity. Lastly, if you’re a leader, think about if you are leading.

Should you get stuck on any of these questions, I’m here for you. I am using my gifts to help others live happier and thrive in life, personally and professionally. Sign up here for a complimentary strategy session.   

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