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Live Life & Get Rid of the Crap

Can you imagine if most of your day was spent doing things that matter most to you? I can help. I created a tool that helps you live life by analyzing your daily tasks and cutting the crap. 

Because we are an all hands-on deck society, narrowing your daily responsibilities and tasks to what is important to you is key. This means achieving work-life balance personally and professionally.

  1. Evaluate what you have on your plate. You can do this by listing all your responsibilities, yes all of them.
  2. Next to each item list the following:





How much time does it take? Do you enjoy it? Is it required? I don’t mean do you require it. I mean more like is it required by law, like filing your taxes for instance. Lastly, is it meaningful?

Think about it. If something takes forever, you hate it, it doesn’t have to be done, and it has no purpose, then why are you doing it? There are so many combinations to this exercise - how you evaluate the...

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A Higher Self and Leader in One, Say What?

Higher Self.

What do you think of when you read these two words?

Religion? Maybe. Spirituality? Maybe. Your best self? Absolutely!

Yes, the term Higher Self can certainly mean many things to many people. For example, states that “Your Higher Self is, in simple terms, the highest aspect of you that can be attained and held in the physical body.” Yippee! I can’t help myself. I get so excited thinking about how I can strive to be my highest self. I don’t mean being hard on myself when I’m not my Highest Self. I mean hello, we are human, right? I just enjoy having something amazing to aspire towards.

So, what would life look like if everyone knew their Higher Self or best self existed?

Let’s take this a step further.

What would life look like if Corporate Americans embraced a journey towards their higher self?

Ok, one last step further. For right now, at least.

What would life look like if our leaders (don’t forget everyone...

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Your Title Does Not Define You

You may be confused by the title of this blog, pun intended. If you’re in a high-level position or a very successful entrepreneur, you may be questioning this title. If you are currently without a prestigious (according to society) title, you may be thinking woohoo!

Ok, let me get to the point already.

Think about a title or position you have or would love to have.

For example, before I became a Certified Professional Coach, I was a CFO. Yes, this sounds impressive. Yes, I was proud of my achievements. Yes, this background and experience is certainly helpful in my business. But, do these 3 letters define me? Absolutely not!

Furthermore, just because a leader is titled as such, does not mean he or she is indeed a leader.

I may be sounding direct right now and that is precisely my intention.

I am sick to my stomach thinking how society has pushed us into believing that our title, our profession, and our prestige is what determines who we are and how successful we are.

To have an...

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Take a Chisel to that Emotional Wall You've Built

There are times we put up a wall around us because of past experiences. This suit of armor is useful at first, but eventually becomes unhealthy when it evolves into a permanent part of our foundation. You know, when we begin doubting relationships and limiting our trust in others on a full-time basis.

Let me tell you, this wall of skepticism, disbelief, doubt, and protection is tiresome to maintain. It is so much easier to relinquish control, begin trusting, and open your heart. I know, it is possible that you will feel pain again but that is part of life and is by no means indefinite. How exciting is life if you always have your guard up and never actually experience joy, happiness and passion?

People are put in our lives on time and on purpose. If we feel hurt by another, it is an opportunity to learn and grow. This pain is not a reason to put up a wall that no one else can ever enter. Let those like-minded, supportive, and loving people in your life. Can you imagine what a relief...

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The BIG What If?

We all have these inner pesky voices in our head feeding our doubts, choking our confidence, and convincing us their words are true.

Meet Fred. He’s my inner voice, my Gremlin, or whatever else you want to call him.

I love Fred and you know why? He’s here to protect me and he’s been with me for a very long time, decades. Fred is skeptical, persistent, and always wants to be in the limelight.

Fred is my “What if” Gremlin. You know, “What if I fail?”, “What if I’m not good enough?”, and so on and so on.

Now just because Fred is here to protect me doesn’t mean I still need him in the same way I did say when I was 5 years old.

Fred can remain but only if he is serving me in a way I need him now, as an adult. I know I no longer need him to question my worthiness or what will happen should I fail. Because guess what? I AM worthy. We all are. A so-called failure is simply an opportunity for learning and growth.

So, even...

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Goals and Dreams: The 6-Stage Thought Process

As expected, many of us go through stages in our life where our thoughts of our goals and dreams vary. These are the stages I went through and spoiler alert…the last and most recent stage is by far the best.

Everything is possible!

As children, we are so creative and curious and it’s beautiful. I loved to dance. I would choreograph routines for the girls in my classes and on the cheerleading squad. As I went through years and years of dancing, I decided I wanted to be a choreographer. I was going to be the next Janet Jackson or Paula Abdul. Ok, I know I’m dating myself here and I’m ok with that.  

What did you want to do as a child?

I should be more practical.

Here is where logic starts to set in and creativity goes out the window. Queue the sound of boring. This is where I was informed I would make no money and I should reconsider my dreams of being a choreographer. Guess what dreams and goals I had then. None, unless you count people pleasing when...

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I See You. Do You?

I see you.

All the amazingness that is you. Your beautiful soul. Your need to be and do you. Your worthiness and right to live happier. Your ability to thrive in life.

There is nothing and I mean nothing that can get in your way of living to the fullest, experiencing all the wonders life has to offer, and doing what makes you happy. Make the choice right now to make a change and put you first.   

I see you.

The doors to a fulfilled life ready for you to open. Your gifts waiting to be unwrapped. Your bright light ready to shine.

Take the step and open the door. You will be amazed at what you see on the other side. Opportunities you didn’t know existed and abundance you didn’t know you deserved.    

I see you.

All the pain, guilt, and shame you have buried that is ready to be released. The misguided thoughts of unworthiness and failure. The yearning to love others before yourself.  

You have taken enough time learning from these feelings...

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When To Say Yes

I was always the helper, the say yes woman, and the people pleaser.

Are you this person? The one always helping, saying yes without a second thought, and because of your generosity, well-liked by almost everyone?

I’ve been there too. Looking back, yes, I was an amazing giver, but I wasn’t giving under my terms.

Yes, I was always well-liked, but it wasn’t always under the best possible pretenses.

 Ok, so let’s dig down deep and see why I was always saying yes:

  • I enjoyed the thought of helping because it made me feel good
  • I enjoyed being well-liked by almost everyone
  • I enjoyed the thought of being the first one to extend a hand

Notice any patterns here? Yep, my saying yes to help others was about external validation. I absolutely love that I have come to this realization about myself.

I was relying on external validation and approval from others instead of myself. I was overcome with worry of whether people liked me. I was focused on being thought of...

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Mid-Life Transformation

I woke up asking myself a crazy question the other morning. Am I going through a mid-life crisis? I even did the WebMD thing…you know where you look up what the symptoms of something is and find out that you could be dying, except in this case it wasn’t an illness and the source wasn’t WebMD.

You may wonder why this question even popped in my head. Well, I have made a significant change in my life, leaving the corporate world to pursue my passion to use my gifts as a Certified Professional Coach helping others in similar situations. I started wondering if all this transition was really a mid-life crisis.

Sources say that a mid-life crisis:

  • Is a question of identity
  • Occurs usually in people ages 45-64 years old
  • Happens when people are questioning their accomplishments
  • Causes a person to make drastic changes to a lifestyle

So, I fit three of the four items listed here. Should I be concerned? No, and I’ll tell you why.

I found that this significant transition...

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I Give You Permission

For some reason, many of us, including myself, need permission from others to take action. I mean any kind of action: to buy that cool new bright and shiny object, to leave a job because you’re continuously unhappy and unmotivated, to leave an abusive relationship, to show yourself some love, or to be your true self, whatever that looks like. We feel like if we get permission, the action is somehow justified.

That’s fine but how about you start giving yourself permission? Think about what truly makes you happy and go for it. Why? Simple, because it makes you happy.

And if you still have trouble, what’s holding you back?

Is it that you feel guilty?

Your happiness is most important to you, not to anyone else, so you are the only one that is going to make it happen. Did you hear me? Yes, others can seem like they’re responsible for your happiness but even if this may seem true, its temporary. No one person is responsible for your happiness except you. Besides,...

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