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Take Leaps and Bounds or Baby Steps but DO YOU!

“Life is a journey, not a destination.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

Society sometimes says we should take leaps and bounds in life. This week has been all about baby steps for me and I feel great about it!

I just moved across the country to the 4th happiest City in America, Fort Collins, Colorado. What I realized very quickly from traveling here before, is that I must be gentle with myself acclimating to the altitude of a little over 5,000 feet compared to the whole 7 feet in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. This means although I’m trying to workout, I’m going to start with 15-minute runs. I’m going to unpack things for the house a little at a time especially in the 100-degree weather we’re experiencing. Sure, I could go crazy and let my ego take over and run or unpack until I feel sick but why? Why should I be in such a hurry to accomplish something when instead, I can love myself and enjoy the journey.

We always want the quick fix. The quick weight loss,...

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Launch yourself from YOU version 1.0 to 5.0!

I was recently invited to attend Brendon Burchard’s Experts Academy (EA) in Santa Clara, California. I underestimated the valuable and amazing nuggets of wisdom I would receive during the event. First, Brendon exudes passion in every aspect of his life. I thought I was passionate about serving others as a happiness and success coach. I had no idea how much passion I was capable of until a fire was lit under my ass.

I know I can do anything I put my mind to if I am enthusiastic and passionate about the idea and SO CAN YOU. Does this sound like a piece of writing that is supposed to motivate you? Good, because it is.

Really think about what you want in life. What kind of lifestyle do you want? Anything and everything is on the table so think big. You could start by thinking small and that’s perfectly fine if you keep thinking.

As a smart cookie with a doctoral degree, CPA license and background as a chief executive, I love absorbing as much information as...

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Get It Together: 15 Time Management Skills to Get Back Your Life

In this day and age, we often feel rushed, that there isn’t enough time in the day, and we have a whole lot on our plates with no light at the end in sight.

With these 15 tips, you can get back your life, live on your terms and reduce the constant pressure.

1. Start a daily meditation or exercise routine. 

Meditation and exercise help to give your non-stop thoughts a break. This break helps to improve your focus and stamina, thus using your time much more efficiently.


2. Carry a calendar. 

Schedule everything and add a buffer for unexpected tasks. Use the traditional paper calendar or an electronic calendar. It doesn’t matter as long as you are using it. Once you get in the habit of putting everything on the calendar, you will stress less and use your memory for more important things. 


3. Look at your calendar and make list of the next day’s goals the night before. 

It is much better to know what your day looks like the night...

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From CFO to Life Coach - Say What?

You heard right. I worked my way up the career and education ladder and later determined there was something missing. I was judged by some for giving up what seemed to be a wonderful opportunity. A friend and coworker told me it’s not every day a woman in her thirties becomes a CFO and I should make sure when I move to Colorado, I pursue the same career. Others were impressed by my ability to follow my heart. Others just asked a bunch of questions.

Let me go back about 15 years so you have a little context.

I absolutely love learning. I received my Bachelor of Science in Accounting and graduated with the highest GPA in the class. I passed the CPA exam after the 1st attempt. That was not enough. I received my MBA. That still wasn’t enough. I received my Doctoral degree in Accounting.

I began my accounting career as a staff accountant. Over the years, through hard work and determination, I was promoted to senior accountant, manager, Controller, and now CFO.   


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